FN SECURE: 5 Simple Ways To Equip Your Blog's & Websites With Internal Links

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5 Simple Ways To Equip Your Blog's & Websites With Internal Links

Internal Links

Here’s an easy way to create internal links for your blog. Do so and you will in no timekeep your bloggers blogging, increase your viewership, and achieve higher search engine rankings.
Follow these simple suggestions to build internal links and help your blog gain greater success:-

  1. Create links in your most viewed posts
  2. For starters build internal links for your most popular posts and pages. These posts are moreoften visited by readers, so take the opportunity to lead them to your other posts. You can do so by manually inserting the links or with the help of plug-ins. In this way you can ensure the reader who likes your work gets to read more of your work by just clicking on the internal links.
  3. Furnish your pages with links of relevant information
  4. Once the reader has read your post, it is most likely that he will want to know more on the topic. You can provide him/her with this chance by creating links of any relevant or related posts. It would be advantageous if these links are from your own blogs, probably older postsand are manually added rather than through plug-ins. Thus the reader can find all he wants to know on your blog and at the same time you can enjoy extensive readership.
  5. Create series and sitemaps
  6. Readers do not like to read very long posts. It is best to have short posts and arrange them in a series, each series carrying links to the previous ones. Moreover, it is beneficial to provide the reader with a sitemap as it will help him/her to navigate through your blog and also give you chance to provide more number of internal links.This will help you to lead the readers in the direction you like, to promote your other posts, and increase your readership.
  7. Create links at the end of posting threads
  8. When you have completed posting on a particular topic, you will most likely conclude the thread through a single post. This post can carry internal links to the previous ones and other related postings. You will thus attract the reader to read other posts on the topic.
  9. Use 404 pages to your advantage
  10. Certain blogs may trouble you with error pages. These pages can be edited and used for posting. You can then insert them as internal links on your other pages.

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