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50+ Awesome Twitter Tools

Twitter has grown like a wild fire lately, and everyone is there.
There are lot of tools available for Twitter, free as well as paid. Some are just for fun while some are meant for serious business use. In this post, I have listed (and categorized) 50 awesome Twitter tools.
There's also a free report at the end that will help you get one follower per minute!
Now, here's what you should do in the next 10 minutes:
  • Read and enjoy the post.
  • Tell us which tools you use and also tell us about the tools you recommend via comments.
  • Download the free report and increase your followers.
  • Try out the tool(s) you find interesting.
  • Stand up and scream out loud, "The post and report were great! BWS Rocks."
The last one is not necessary!

Business Tools

Business tools let you manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and do much more.
  1. twAiter: twAiter is a free tool that lets you easily schedule tweets and also repeat them.
  2. SocialOomph: SocialOomph lets you schedule tweets, set up alerts for keywords on Twitter and auto DMs (Direct Messages) to new followers. You can also choose to follow all people who follow you automatically. The paid version adds more features, like keyword-based following.
  3. SpliTweet: SpliTweet lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts right from your browser.
  4. Twuffer: Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release.

Desktop Clients

Twitter on DesktopWeb interface of Twitter is, well, quite basic. Why not use an app that lets you Tweet right from your desktop?
  1. Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck is one of the best clients available out there. It lets you shorten links with multiple services, update Facebook status, and create groups easily. It supports multiple accounts.
  2. Twitter Opera Widget: Twitter Opera widget has everything you will need in a client (no link shortening). It is very light and a delight for Opera users.
  3. Twhirl: Twhirl is a small and functional client that supports multiple accounts and services.
  4. Twitterrific: Twitterrific is a small footprint client for Mac OS X, available in free and paid variants. The free version is supported by ads.
  5. Twitter Gadget: Twitter Gadget by Google works with Google Desktop 5 and above.
  6. Apa: A minimalistic Twitter client. That's it :lol: !

Follower Management

The following tools will let you manage followers:
  1. Twitter Karma: Lets you bulk follow and unfollow your followers.
  2. TwitBlock: Lets you scan your followers and unfollow spam/bot accounts. You can also analyze individual accounts for spamminess.
  3. Twitterless: Twitterless tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views.
  4. Mutuality: Lets you unfollow all people who do not follow you. Use it with caution, as a wrong click can unfollow a lot of people you might have wanted to follow.
  5. UnTweeps: Unfollow people who have not tweeted recently. Also lets you see a list of people you are blocking.
  6. Friend Or Follow: Lets you see the people you follow, friends (people who follow you and you also follow them back) and fans (people who follow you).
  7. Twerp Scan: Lets you manage your followers and unfollow one by one or in bulk.
  8. Qwitter: Mails you the username and recent tweet when someone stops following you.


I could find only one app that helps you find jobs via Twitter:
  1. Twitter Job Search: Twitter Job Search lets you search for jobs on Twitter. Enter the keywords and you will get related tweets.


Interested in making money with Twitter? Here are services to help you:
Image Via <a href = "http://millionclues.com/">Million Clues</a>
Make Money With Twitter
  1. Sponsored Tweets: Sponsored Tweets is just like Pay per Post. You tweet an advertiser's message and earn for it.
  2. RevTwt: RevTwt pays you for tweeting either pay-per-click or pay per thousand (followers). You get paid when you reach $20 (PayPal).
  3. Twivert: Twivert lets you earn money by tweeting Pay Per Click ads. Payment limit is $30 via PayPal.
  4. BeTweeted: BeTweeted is a Pay Per Click ad network. All the tweets are manually triggered. You can choose the links you want to tweet and get paid per click.

Link Shortening

All of us occasionally tweet links and need to shorten them. Here are some link shorteners you can use.
  1. bit.ly: Do I need to say anything about it? bit.ly is the default URL shortener for Twitter. You can track the number of clicks and Tweet right from the homepage. The bookmarklets are really handy. Try out the bit.ly sidebar bookmarklet to shorten and tweet links anywhere, anytime!
  2. su.pr: su.pr is not just a link shortening service; it also lets you schedule tweets and keep track of stumbles on your links. (The service is owned by Stumble Upon.) Although the statistics are not as comprehensive as bit.ly, other features make up for it. su.pr also suggests the best time to tweet according to the number of clicks. And then there's a WordPress plugin that lets you create short URLs right on your own domain! If you use Opera, then su.pr bookmarklet can be very annoying. It just refuses to work sometimes.
  3. Cligs: Cligs offers deep and real-time analytics for your shortened links. You get the geographical location of visitors, social media monitoring and referral statistics. The bookmarklet is not as cool as su.pr and bit.ly (which let you tweet right from the sidebar), but it gets the job done.
  4. Tr.im: tr.im offers analytics and lets you control the name. (You can create cli.gs?your-name if it is available.) Again, the bookmarklet is not as good as su.pr or bit.ly.
  5. Tweetburner: Tweetburner lets you shorten the links quickly. This is a straightforward shortener without any fancy features.

Statistics and Analytics

The following tools will present all kinds of statistics related to your Twitter account:
  1. TwitterCounter: Plots a graph of the number of followers and also tweets the number of followers. You can also use their widget to show the number of followers, like FeedBurner counter.
  2. TwitterHolic: Lets you see your rank among all Twitter users and by place.
  3. TwetStats: Shows a lot of data using graphs. Data includes tweets per day (I tweet 8.5 times a day!), clients used, and total daily/monthly tweets.
  4. Tweetwasters: Calculates how much time you spend on Twitter.
  5. Tweeting To Hard: A Digg style site for submitting interesting Tweets. Here's a popular tweet from the site: "Just read a comment online that I found incredibly interesting. I then realized it's something I wrote a couple years ago."
  6. Twinfluence: twInfluence lets you calculate the indirect influence you and your followers have on Twitter.
  7. Follower Friend Ratio: Lets you find your follower-friend ratio. The higher the number, the more popular you are!


Here are tools that will help you be more productive with Twitter.
  1. 21Tweets: 21Tweets lets you form new habits in 21 days/tweets. You can track your progress simply by sending replies to @21tweets.
  2. Twittercal: Twittercal integrates your Twitter account with Google calendar and lets you easily set up events in Google calendar.
  3. TwitterMail: Lets you tweet via email. You will get a unique mail address, and anything sent to it will be posted to your Twitter account automatically.
  4. StrawPoll: Lets you create tiny polls and record number of votes.
  5. Twitpic: Lets you upload pictures for sharing on Twitter.
  6. Twonvert: Lets you convert your tweets to SMS language. Lets you say more in less.
  7. GTalk To Twitter: Tweets your GTalk status.
  8. Message Cleaner: Tired of cleaning direct messages manually? DM cleaner will help you a lot by cleaning all the DMs automatically.

WordPress Plugins

How can I miss WordPress, the favorite blogging platform of many people?
WordPress + Twitter
WordPress + Twitter
  1. Twitter Tools: Completely integrates your Twitter account and WordPress blog. It lets you tweet from the sidebar, automatically send new posts to Twitter using different URL shorteners and also post Twitter updates as WordPress posts.
  2. Su.pr Plugin: Lets you create short links using your own domain.
  3. Simple Twitter Link: Creates short URL for each post and lets you place a link to Retweet the post. Works only via PHP tag, with no front end interface.
  4. TweetMeme Button: Places a TweetMeme button on all posts and optionally on pages and RSS feeds.
  5. Twitter Avatar: Allows commentators to use their Twitter avatar instead of default Gravatar.
  6. Twitterlink Comments: Adds an extra field – "Twitter Username" – to your comment form. A link to a  commentator's profile is shown after the comment.
  7. TweetBacks: Imports tweets about your posts as comments.

Reader Recommendations

Here are some great tools recommended by our readers. If you want to see your favorite tool here, just comment on this post.
  1. TweetBeep: TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for twitter. Here's what Creative Junkie said in recommendation: TweetBeep will show me a tweet that doesn’t even appear on TweetDeck (or on Twitter for that matter) and I can’t figure out how it does it.
  2. YOURLS: An awesome tool recommended by Andy that lets you create your own link shortener. It also comes as a WordPress plugin.  The best part is that it also has detailed stats for people who click the links! Wait, the best part is the price tag, $0!
  3. Buzzom: Recommended by Ricky, this tool lets you find people who are most likely to follow you back and also unfollow people not following you.
  4. Ad.ly: Ad.ly lets you make money via twitter. It was recommended by Narayanan Hariharan.

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