FN SECURE: 'Anonymous' Promises to Hack Into TSX on 7th November

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'Anonymous' Promises to Hack Into TSX on 7th November

'Anonymous' is promising to bring down the internet presence of the Toronto Stock Exchange. 
Anonymous is a computer hacking 'collective' and has been reported to have hacked into the New York Stock Exchange for 2 minutes on October 10th.
The plan is to take down the website of the Toronto Stock Exchange on November 7th.

A youtube video by the group states they would declare war against the TSX, and erase the stock exchange website from the internet, calling it only the beginning.
Anonymous has been behind several web based 'hacktivism' attacks including disrupting the Spanish Police website, and allegedly on Facebook and the Sony Network.
Outside of the youtube video, there is no indication the group is planning a cyber attack on the TSX, but without formal leadership, attacks often happen by sects, or pockets of Anonymous.

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