FN SECURE: BACKTRACK : Some initial configs

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BACKTRACK : Some initial configs

Hey guys ... how u been ???? Kumar here, i didnt get any response on my previous post How to Install BACKTRACK 5 and Manually Specify Partitions Using It , I m disappointed :-( . anyway here again m posting another tutorial on it ....... wish to get some comments .... plz comment


With backtrack installed on your pc you can do a hell lot of things , but there are certain things which u cant do by a root account , like playing media etc (which is very important). So m gonna tell you some basics here

Always upgrade your backtrack repositories

you sud upgrade your repositories frequently.
To do this issue following command:
#apt-get upgrade
if you are not on root account then add sudo before above command and then enter password.

Create n user (non-root) account

u must create a user account and use that. There are many reasons
suppose as an example of what an attacker might do, if you happen to visit a malicious website hosting a Linux exploit while running as root, that exploit will have full access to your system. Running as root, that exploit will be able to do a much wider variety of "bad things" than it could if you were running as a regular unprivileged user. While Linux client side exploits aren't exactly that common in the wild, they are still not unheard of, and their prevalence will grow along with the use of Linux on the desktop, so this is something that should not be totally discounted.

To create a user account issue these two commands :
  1. adduser
  2. usermod --groups admin,disk,cdrom,audio
Now that you have created your user account , login to that

Install VLC

to install vlc , you must first upgrade your repositories as explained above, then issue this command :
# sudo apt-get install vlc (easy ,isnt it ?)

Hope this has been informative for you. More on backtrack soon.
Stay tuned , and comment :)
Have a good day ahead !

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