FN SECURE: Disable Facebook Timeline Application - Recover Old Facebook Profile

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Disable Facebook Timeline Application - Recover Old Facebook Profile

Facebook timeline is a great way of displaying your old photos, memorable posts and apps with your friends and family. This feature changes your entire Facebook Profile layout into a more attractive look. I previously wrote a tutorial on how to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to completely remove the timeline app from your profile and revert to older Facebook profile layout. Since this time-based story telling did receive mixed feedback therefore it would be really helpful for most of you to learn how to undo/delete this application.

How To Disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

    • Log in to your Facebook account
    • Then visit this page Developers
    • Towards your left you will see apps. Choose the app you created for timeline. In my case I named it Timeline Feature.
    timeline settings
    • Click the Edit Settings link,
    edit timeline settings
    • Then on the settings page towards bottom-left you will see many options underrelated links, Choose Delete App. Which will delete the timeline app.
    delete timeline
    • Confirm to delete the app and Bingo you have successfully shifted back to the older Profile view.
    • Visit your profile to see it in its exact previous look and layout. 
    My Opinion : Personally I don't like this timeline view of facebook. I always prefer the old look .... :))
    Do let me know if you needed any help pals. Hope you find this helpful. :>

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