FN SECURE: Download Faceboax - Free Facebook Hack Tool

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Download Faceboax - Free Facebook Hack Tool

Introducing Faceboaxthe best free facebook hacktool

1. What is Faceboax?

Faceboax is a free facebook hack application that lets you crack any facebook password. It's a simple but yet very powerful tool that allows you to hack into someones facebook account. You just need to know the e-mail of the victim and voila! Let faceboax do the rest.

2. How does Faceboax work?

Faceboax is a web based application, first thing you'll need is to download it. You can grab faceboax from here:

Once you got the faceboax application you'll need to run it. Double click it and you should see the app. It must look like this:

Now is time to let our faceboax (facebook hack tool) do the magic.
Just write the victim email address in the Email address field, then you'll need to click crack password and you're done, just wait a few minutes or seconds (it depends on how difficult the password is) and your password will be stored in a new folder inside "My Documents" folder called "Passwords". Go to the facebook main page and log in with the details. You're in! That's all.

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