FN SECURE: E-book : Hacking Exposed - 6

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E-book : Hacking Exposed - 6

The world's bestselling computer security book--fully expanded and updated.
  • New chapter on hacking hardware, including lock bumping, access card cloning, RFID hacks, USB U3 exploits, and Bluetooth device hijacking.
  • Updated Windows attacks and countermeasures, including new Vista and Server 2008 vulnerabilities and Metasploit exploits.
  • The latest UNIX Trojan and rootkit techniques and dangling pointer and input validation exploits.
  • New wireless and RFID security tools, including multilayered encryption and gateways.
  • All-new trace routing and eavesdropping techniques used to target network hardware and Cisco devices.
  • Updated DoS, man-in-the-middle, DNS poisoning, and buffer overflow coverage.
  • VPN and VoIP exploits, including Google and TFTP tricks, SIP flooding, and IPsec hacking.
  • Fully updated chapters on hacking the Internet user, web hacking, and securing code.

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