FN SECURE: E_mail Spoofing

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E_mail Spoofing

Hey today i am going to tell you what is email spoofing. Email spoofing refers to send fake email with fake ID. This is common activity these days. This is done to fool people to give out personal information like credit card number. Sometimes we receive an email from bank. Which looks authenticate  to you but sometimes it can be an email spoofing attack. Earlier this attack was done by an telnet by SMTP servers, but now this technique is not working. So i decided to show you how to spoof  email with an website and a tool.

So first i show how to spoof email with an website.
So the steps are:
1:) First go to www.emkei.cz

2:) Then fill all the information required.

3:) Then check your email

By this way you have send an fake email  using email spoofing technique.
This can also be done by using a tool. To download that tool click here

Just open that tool and follow the on screen instructions and enjoy……….. BUT THIS FILE MAY BE WARNED BY ANTIVIRUS BECAUSE IT IS A HACKING SOFTWARE.

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