FN SECURE: Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Loop Hole..!!

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Hack Facebook Password using Facebook Loop Hole..!!

I am going to teach you Hacking Facebook account passwords, i have already explained Hacking Facebook accounts or password usingkeyloggers and Phishing and also we learnt how to hack facebook using tabnabbing but this is absolutely manual method to hack Facebook password and its working...Did you got  a shock if not, then you will get after reading this article. Facebook is adding more and more features to attract users but when you develop something that's for sure you will introduce newloopholes. Today i will explain you how to hack a Facebook account password just by utilizing recovery password loophole. These novice coders think that they have made secured features but they really doesn't their daddy is sitting outside.
Note :  This trick works after 24 hours if victim account is not logged in in 24 hours then only you can hack dude... and this is not a good hacking trick.

Requirement to hack someone's Facebook account:

  • Victim (whose Facebook account password you wanna hack) should be on Facebook.
  • Create four to five fake Facebook accounts(three are sufficient but one more for bonus). I will advice you that create accounts with girl names and put an awesome girls photograph. Fill the basic profile.. Why i am saying create account with Girl names is just because Hungry boys accepts girls friend request without any delay. And if you know the person personally then create account with names of his near ones and say that you have created new profile so add you as a friend. Note all the three to four fake accounts should not be friends or any relationship with each other.
  • Most important requirement you need to add all above three account to the friends list of victim whose Facebook account you want to hack. Above method will be helpful for that :P.
  • At least two web browsers. So that one can be used as recovery purpose and one for viewing codes.
So guys i hope you all are clear with requirements to hack Facebook account password. Now lets hack someone's  Facebook account password practically to show that hacking Facebook account really works.

Steps to hack any Facebook account

  • Open the Facebook in your web browser.
  • Now Click on Forgot your password? Now a new tab will open something like this. In the email box give the email ID and press enter or click on search button as shown in below snapshot..
  • Now after Clicking on search you will get an Captcha verification. Type the words displayed and press enter.
  • Now You have reached to the screen Where Facebook gives the search results of the identity of previous step. There you will see button saying "This is my account" just click on that as shown below in snapshot:
  • Now you have reached to the below Facebook password recovery screen as show below:
  • Now Click on "No Longer have access to these?" hyperlink to go to next step.
  • Ahhah... It sounds great everything going smoothly... So friends after following above step facebook asks you to Enter your new email ID for contact. Its most important as password reset request after submitting codes will be received on this.
  • After submitting you will have either of two situations:
a. First One will be recover your account with friends.
b. Answer the security question if victim has set the security question.
  • Now what...Oops.. he has set the security question and i dont know the answer... What should i do??.....Scared ... nopes...worried... nopes... Let's enter wrong answer to his security question three times...
  • Now you are at screen saying " Recover your password using your friends" as shown below in snapshot.
  • Just click on continue and select the three trusted friends :P The three fake accounts that we have created for him to hack his account....:P..
  • You can also perform this hack by making your friends participate to hack someones account...Now select three accounts one by one as one... Below is the screen shot showing that i have selected three friends whom i am sending codes.
  • Foow....Oops.. I got all the three codes....Below is the screen where you will enter those three codes that you have received...
  • So guys we are done.... Fill the codes into boxes that you have received into you messages in Facebook and on email if feed is subscribed.
  • Click on submit now it will ask you to validate your email account that you have filled . That email should be genuine as you will receive recovery email on that email account only.
That's All !!!

Feel free to ask any question ..... :))

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