FN SECURE: Hacking tools and ebooks

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Hacking tools and ebooks

In this post i'll be uploading some good tools and ebooks for help in hacking . Remember tools alone cant do anything but they help a lot .

Hacking tools and ebooks

You will need passwords to open them and i'll give password in here only , so please comment ... dude i deserve that .... m very very busy these days still somehow m doing posts ,... and still no appreciation .. feels bad .


Description : When i was using windows this tool worked for me perfectly... its netcut and its used to slow down other computers connection in your lan in order to increase yours.
Link : Netcut 

  • BAT to EXE
Description : Many of you must have made batch files , may be for pranks or some serious virus or some other purpose . To convert it to exe file you have to use bat to exe converter ...
Link : Bat To Exe converter 


Added 3 ebooks .... waiting for ur response , and keep checking this post . I'll update it frequently with amazing tools and ebooks.
[PS : if u dont know how to use any tool ... feel free to ping me. ]

Hope this has been informative for you.
Stay tuned , and comment :)
Have a good day ahead !

Thank you.
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