FN SECURE: How to use Cain and Abel to hack Networks

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How to use Cain and Abel to hack Networks

Hey guys ,
after so many days m posting a tutorial on cain n abel. I am not getting any response on Computer Networks tutorial so i decided not to post any tutorial on that. But you may find cain n abel very intersting. Specially if you are in a lan... this is like magic wand, so here we go:

Cain N Abel can be downloaded for free...

Understanding the GUI:

If you open Cain n Abel , you will find it very messy . But if you try to understand , its gonna help very much.
ok first we will look some basic features of Cain n Abel:
i have labeled the icons, refer there.
1> its the open menu to open previous results which you have saved.

This is called start/stop sniffer. This is the tool which you have to use whenever u start cain. when you click on that it will start network sniffer i.e it will scan for alive hosts in yourbroadcasting network .

This is another crucial thing you gonna use. This is named as Start/stop ARP (or apr)poisoning. ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol.

4> This is used to add items , here items means IPs of systems , to any window .

How to scan network:

Now we will scan our network for alive hosts .
for that go to label 5 in cain n abel (tab which is named "Sniffer"). then click on label , i.e in lower left pan a tab named "Hosts" . Then finally click on label which is start or stop sniffer button.

now wait for sometime and you will see the results , i.e who is in your network .


Well this was a basic tutorial for cain n abel. if i get response then i'll post very intersting tricks and techniques ... so plz comment here and 
like if you want.

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