FN SECURE: Increase your Utorrent speed by 90%

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Increase your Utorrent speed by 90%

There are 10 Steps So Read it Carefully.

First of all Be safe from Hackers when u are using torrents becoz there are many things which u don't know about torrents

Hackers use for spreading the vrus using torrents so Beware the things of Viruses inside torrents ...

Now Lets Start.

Step 1:

First Download it from here

Imp Note: 


Step 2:

Open any Torrent in UTORRENT.

Step 3:

Goto Preferencces

Step 4:

Go for Connection Tab:

Fill the port No. 45682 in (Random Port)
  • Enable UPnp port-mapping.
  • Enable NAT-PMP port mapping.
  • Add windows Firewall exception.

Step 5:

Next go for Bandwidth Tab

Further here: Go for No. of Connections
and Check Use additional upload slots.................

And give the values for these

  • Global max no. of connections=130
  • Max no. of connected peers per Torrent=70
  • No. of upload slots per torrent=3

Step 6:

Next go for Bittorrent Tab,

Check these Options......

  • Enable DHT Network
  • Enable DHT for new torrents
  • Enable local Peer Discovery
  • Enable bandwidth management9uTP]
  • Enable UDP tracker support
  • Ask tracker for scape information
  • Enable Peer Exchange
  • Enable outgoing Protocol Encyption.

Step 7:

Now go for Queueing Tab.

Fill these Values

  • Max no of active torrents = 2
  • Max no of active downloads = 1 
  • Min Ratio = 150
  • Min Seeding time(Minutes) = 0

Step 8:

Go for Advanced Tab:

Set the value of
net.max_halfopen to 90

And press OK.

Step 9:

Now right click on Torrent and set the bandwidth Allocation = High

Step 10:

That is it, You have just tweaked the speed of Utorrent by 90%

Last Point:


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