FN SECURE: Learning the system loop hole

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Learning the system loop hole

Learning the system loop holes and tricks that “hackers” use is only half the process.  Protecting your privacy is 90% up to you, the rest can be handled by software. You have the means and ability to protect yourself. You may think to yourself that you’re out gunned on the Internet, don’t.  We all have to start learning from somewhere.  Even hackers and so called “hackers” had to start learning somewhere.  No one was born with the knowledge of how a computer works. The Internet is a tool by which many of these “hackers” educate themselves.  You can do the same.  It remains the most powerful tool for information and development there is. More and more businesses and services are migrating to the
online world.  You can either, sit back and watch it go, or jump on the bandwagon and ride it out.  It’s all up to you.
Exercise caution when dealing with people online, but don’t be too paranoid.  Enjoy the power of the Internet it can be a great asset to you or your business.

The online population is growing exponentially.  With the recent growth of dedicated access your computer is connected to the
Internet 24hrs a day. We primarily care about getting our daily activities done and enjoying the power of the Internet.  We want to be able to Log online talk to our friends and family and use the Internet as tool for our benefit.

The Internet connects you to the world where if a friends from Australia wishes to talk to you live one on one they can flip on their web cams turn on their mics and have a video conference.  It’s a cut above a phone call for a fraction of the price.  Don’t let “hackers” turn future advancements into unwanted nightmares. You as a user can prevent this by being careful.  Take the extra necessary steps to protect yourself.  When compared to the benefits you can have it definitely is worth an extra 1hr-2hrs of your time. Don’t stop learning, read all you can.  Why not?  You’ve got the world at your fingertips and information at every turn.  But most importantly when all is said and done, take back your privacy from those who may seek to compromise it. 

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