FN SECURE: Monitor Your Computer and Stay Invisible with Elite Keylogger 4.7

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Monitor Your Computer and Stay Invisible with Elite Keylogger 4.7

Monitor Your Computer and Stay Invisible with Elite Keylogger 4.7

elite keylogger Record PC activity with Elite Keylogger 4.7
Did you ever want to know what is going on your PC while you are not at home or to be able to protect your kids from the adult content they can find on the web?
Have you ever thought of finding a multifunctional monitoring tool in order to increase your employees ‘ efficiency.
No matter why you need to monitor your PC, Elite Keylogger by Widestep Security Software can definitely help you.
Being a kernel monitoring software, Elite Keylogger will let you monitor all PC’s activities and stay absolutely invisible. This powerful surveillance tool includes several integrated stealth modules that record chats, instant messages, emails, websites visited, absolutely all keystrokes, each and every program launched, all passwords and even Windows logon password, usernames and time they worked on your computer, desktop activity, clipboard and more.
Moreover, Elite Keylogger enables you to monitor your PC locally or remotely. Once you’ve installed it on your computer you can view the logs right from your PC or receive them via email or to the shared network drive over LAN, or have them uploaded to your FTP server.
Elite Keylogger provides the equivalent of a digital surveillance history so that you can see exactly what your family members, neighbors, employees or other users are doing on the computer. Elite Keylogger works absolutely secretly saving all the recordings in a hidden location randomly selected every time you reinstall Elite Keylogger, all the logs are encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone but you.
Detailed information about Elite Keylogger can be found here: http://widestep.com/elite-keystroke-recorder-info

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