FN SECURE: Preview YouTube ‘Like Bar’ On Video Thumbnail

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Preview YouTube ‘Like Bar’ On Video Thumbnail

We normally click on a YouTube video thinking that it is interesting because of the thumbnail preview and it turned out to be either boring or useless and just a waste of time.That's why YouTube has a like bar which tells the users whether the video is good or bad but the problem is we don’t see the like bar until we click on the video. The Search results only show us the views for a video and we probably think that so much views the video must be great.So lets get rid of it and use YouTube Ratings Preview

What is YouTube Rating Preview

YouTube Ratings Preview is a Chrome extension and by using this extension we can see the like bar on the thumbnail of a video in both search results and suggested videos,and we can easily judge that whether the video is worth watching or not.

Note : This extension works only for Chrome.

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