FN SECURE: Rar Password Cracker Tool with Crack

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Rar Password Cracker Tool with Crack

It usually happens tha we download some rar file but it is password protected and we dont know the password, now what to do ??? Here is the answer to this problem ..... Now you can crack any password of rar file quite easily .... So just follow these steps :

Steps to Crack .RAR Password

  • First of all,download Rar Password Cracker Software.
  • Now extract the software and install it.
  • After installing the software ,open the crack folder and copy the file in it.
  • Now go to the directory where you have installed the software and paste this crack in that directory.
  • When you paste the crack it will ask that this file already exist do you want to replace it ? Click Yes.
  • Now Run the software and Hurrah you have the registered Cracker for RAR files .
  • Now Click on open and select any password protected file .
  • Select the minimum and maximum length for password and START.
NOTE : As it is a cracker ,so it will take long time to crack any password so just be patient if you want to crack any password . If the password is alphanumeric then it will take much more time then simple alphabetical password.I cracked my password in 2 days .... :))

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