FN SECURE: Running OSPF without AREA 0

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Running OSPF without AREA 0

Case Study: -
OSPF will not run without AREA 0. We must have to configure "AREA 0" to run the OSPF. No OSPF routes will be shown in "show ip route". Reason behind this is, each area has its own link state databases which will be shared with AREA 0 only by default. And AREA 0 will then flood the IA routes to other AREA's.

Exception: If using only one area say area 11 and no other area is there then no need to create AREA0

It means to flood LSA 1 and LSA 2, no need to create area 0, but for all other LSA's to be flooded properly, say LSA 3, LSA 4, LSA 5 & LSA 7 AREA 0 is must.

DOWNLOAD Case Study: - Running OSPF without AREA 0 @ https://cisco.hosted.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-2802

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