FN SECURE: Running Two Same OSPF AREA number

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Running Two Same OSPF AREA number

If we create two same ospf AREA number, it will make no effect on the working of OSPF. The end to end connectivity will be ok and working fine in the both cases discussed in the document.

It means the both ABR’s will make their own LSDB according to there connectivity, and the LSA’s will flow as per their property.

The Common OSPF Protocol Header Format includes AREA ID. The AREA numbers value must be the same on both sides to form neighbor relationships. After forming neighbourship, the flow of ospf packets will start without any dependency on the AREA ID

Note: For OSPF packet header info visit http://cisco.iphelp.ru/faq/5/ch08lev1sec1.html

Download case Study for Running Two Same OSPF AREA number @ https://cisco.hosted.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-2823

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