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Scribe SEO: The Best SEO Software + Promo Code For Readers

SEO or user friendliness, which way to go?

It's very hard to maintain the balance between good content and SEO optimized content. You lean to one side and ta-da, other side takes a big plunge. And this can be harmful.
You write more search engine focused posts, you will get traffic but readers might not read posts because of the keyword stuffing and if you write a good post for readers, search engines might not rank it high. In the end, this becomes a win-lose situation.
If you win anything, you have to lose something for it too!
What if you could turn it into a win-win situation? Imagine having a SEO specialist sitting with you. Then, you can have all the focus on writing and then HEO and then just hand over post to him for SEO. But it would cost a lot, right?
If you hire a SEO assistant, yes, it will cost a lot. But there's a small product that can save you from all the headaches. It's called Scribe SEO.

What Is Scribe?

Scribe is a content optimization service that makes it easy to optimize content, choose good keywords, increase traffic from search engines and build quality links.

Who Needs Scribe And Why?

Every blogger and freelance writer needs Scribe as an essential tool.
Why? Because scribe will:
  1. Save a lot of time.
  2. Allow you to optimize posts right from your blog dashboard.
  3. Find better keywords.
  4. Help you build better and targeted links.

Scribe Features

Scribe is a feature-rich SEO software. It's features include:
  • Easy To Use Web Interface:  The web interface of SEO is very easy to use and most of us aan easily use it to optimize posts. However, I am sure you will never need to use it. Why? Just read next feature.
  • Popular CMS Support: Scribe has free plugins for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If you use one of these CMS for your blog, you can optimize posts right from your dashboard. no need to go to a separate website!
  • Keyword Research: You can search for keyword ideas before writing a post. This gives you an idea of relevance of selected keywords and find better ones if available.
  • Build Cross Links: If you have a big blog, then cross referencing to your posts might be a big problem. You need to surf through archives and find the right post. Scribe does this for you and very easily. You can search for related posts in your blog and easily link them right from dashboard.
  • Backlinks: Tell me, what is the first step to building backlinks? Well, linking to someone, right! But with millions of blogs out there, it can get overwhelming to find a related blog post. Scribe can easily find related content to the topic you are writing about.
The prices of Scribe  programs are quite good and affordable. You can get monthly subscription from $17 to $97 per month. But if you sign up before November 5, 2010, you can save a lot of money!

Promo Code For Scribe SEO - The Best SEO Software

If you sign up for Scribe before November 5, use following code to get plans for reduced cost:
By using above promo code, you will get higher plan for same cost. For example, you can get a Professional Plan(costs $47/month) for the price of $27/month and Advanced Plan($97/month) for just $47/month. And the price will never increase for you. If you sign up now, you can get Scribe for reduced price forever.
Take a look at video for instructions:

What's In It For Blogging With Success?

Well, we are affiliates and we get affiliate commission when you sign up for Scribe (using our link!). However, keep in mind that we use Scribe ourselves and are satisfied with the quality. Besides, I never recommend something I don't use myself.
Hurry up, sign up before November 5.
Have any questions? Feel free to ask them in comments. If you are already a customer, a review comment would also be welcomed!

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