FN SECURE: Switch and Create Between Profiles Easily in Firefox Using Switchy

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Switch and Create Between Profiles Easily in Firefox Using Switchy

Firefox saves your information about bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in your user profile; nothing but a set of files which saves all this information. While this makes perfect sense for a single-user scenario, having two different people share a computer will become a nightmare because of continuous conflicts with each others’ preferences.

What is Switchy

Switchy, a Firefox add-on, allows you to create new profiles with the option of adding your favorite URLS, and makes switching between different profiles a breeze.

Steps To Follow

  • After installation, the Switchy button is added right next to the the URL bar. 
  • Clicking this button opens a set of options, where you can open the profileManager and change various parameters. 
  • When browsing a particular website, you can add it to any of your chosen profiles by using the Add this website to a profile button.
  • There are two basic options when you start Firefox. 
  • You can either choose to Work offline using a profile, or select Don’t ask at startupto allow Firefox to load the selected profile without prompting at launch.
  • The Switchy manger lets you add multiple websites to each profile. 
  • You can choose to start these websites at startup, or when set to exclusive, a notification bar will be shown when a website will be visited on other profiles.
  • Switchy is a multi-user-friendly add-on, offering better profile management and enhanced security. It can be grabbed at the link provided below.
Install Switchy Add-On for Firefox

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