FN SECURE: Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0.2.24 for VMware (2010) | 373 MB | Download Free

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Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0.2.24 for VMware (2010) | 373 MB | Download Free

Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0.2.24 for VMware (2010) | 373 MB | Download Free

Virtualization offers a unique opportunity to reduce costs while improving servicelevels. This advantage is particularly evident with regard to dataprotection. Of course, in order to realize this opportunity requiresappropriate tools.

Company Veeam Software has already made an advanced data protection and recovery a reality for more than 15,000 customers. And thanks to technology Veeam vPower Veeam takes a backup toa new level, using virtualization to achieve the previously impossible.

InVeeam developed a revolutionary new technology that is used in version 5of the decision Veeam Backup & Replication v5 and can run a virtualmachine (VM) directly from the backup. We call this technology vPower,and it provides a fundamental and long-term benefits. Version 5 (filed 5patent applications) using vPower first in the industry offers thefollowing advantages:

Instant recovery of virtual machines, restoring the entire virtual machine from a backup for a few minutes;
U-AIR (universal restoration of objects of any application) - recovery of individual objects of any virtualized applications;
Confirmation of the possibility of recovery SureBackup - automatic verification of recoverability of each backup.

SureBackup: 100% guarantee of recovery

Backupsare useless if one can not recover the data. vPower makes possible theverification of the possibility of restoring the backup - and notselective, and one backup for each virtual machine for each backup copy.

vPowerautomates the verification process of recovery, using availableresources in a production or test environment. During the verificationof the virtual machine is created and run directly from a backup in anisolated environment. Veeam Backup & Replication starts the machine,loads the operating system and checks that everything is working fine.

Youno longer have to worry and wonder, can I recover the data at this time- you can just relax knowing that you will always be able to recoverdata from any backup.

InstantRestore: faster recovery

VPowertechnology allows you to quickly recover the desired object - whetherit is a virtual machine, a separate file VMDK, application or user data.

Instantrecovery of BM (patent pending). With the technology vPower start thevirtual machine can be directly from the compressed and deduplicatedbackup located on a storage device. This innovative approach eliminatesthe need to retrieve the backup on production server - now a virtualmachine can be run directly from a backup. Because of this failure inthe virtual machine, it can be restarted on any server within a fewminutes.

This is similar to temporary spare tire for virtualmachines. To complete the restoration, use Storage vMotion, to move theVMs to storage resources in a production environment without disruptionor the impact on users. Or, if there is no Storage vMotion, simplyreplicate the VM using the built-in capabilities Veeam Backup &Replication.

U-AIR: universal restoration of objects of any application

WithvPower you can quickly restore individual objects of any virtualizedapplications. This is a completely new solution-century-old problem ofaccidental destruction of the users of important messages or incorrectupdate records with scripts.

U-AIR helps to overcome the limitations of existing methods of recovery at the object level. U-AIR has the following advantages:

Low cost: no additional agents, backup or instruments
Versatile: works with any virtualized applications and their native utilities and access;
Reliability:No binding to the inner workings of applications, hence the ease ofsupport and full compatibility with new versions of applications and patches.

Instant recovery of files

With vPower can easilyrestore the entire VM, or a separate file from the same level backupimage. Instant recovery of files from Veeam allows for a second torecover individual files from backups and replicas in the last normalstate or condition at any point of time, this functionality is supportedfor any operating system or file systems.

SmartCDP: the most complete restoration

vPoweruses the latest technological advances implemented in VMware vSphere 4and vStorage, including tracking changed blocks (changed block tracking -CBT) and thin disk, which allows for unprecedented speed ofreplication. You can commit changes and update the virtual machineimages every few minutes. If the virtual machine fails, you canimmediately switch to ready to launch a replica. This eliminates theneed for special expensive product and provides an inexpensivealternative to traditional continuous data protection. Thus, even if youcan not afford the expensive replication in real time or images basedon the equipment, you can still maintain high availability and providenearly continuous data protection.

2 in 1: Backup and Replication

Veeamprovides comprehensive protection of virtual environments, providingbackup and replication within a single solution, for one price. Thismakes it possible to meet various recovery targets (RTO and RPO) fordifferent virtual machines. Can be replicated VMs within a data centerfor high availability, outside the data center for disaster recovery orbackup data with more efficient equipment and technology. You can saveon software licenses, as well as additional benefits of virtualization.To simplify the transfer of data outside the data center and back, Veeamsolution leverages the bandwidth of the WAN and allows you to replicateon a slow link WAN.







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