FN SECURE: What is Adware and how to remove it

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What is Adware and how to remove it

Adwares are the advertisements that popup in your computer screen in. These are different from viruses and malwares because most of the times it is installed with the user’s consent. If an adware is installed on your computer it will provide monetary gains to the publisher. Moreover these adware can automatically install keyloggers or other harmful softwares without the consent of the user which can send credit card details or other private information.

How To Detect An Adware

  • If you get popup windows when your browser is not open then your computer may have an adware installed.
  • If your are automatically redirected while visting websites then you may be infected by an adware.
  • If your homepage is changed then you may be infected.
  • If some programs startup automatically then you may be infected with an adware.
  • If your computer is running slow then this may be due to adwares installed in your computer.

How Does An Adware Work

  • Adwares are usually installed while surfing websites or while installing softwares. 
  • They are installed most of the time with user’s consent. 
  • Always try to avoid softwares that install browser toolbars. 
  • Once an adware is installed in your computer it can download keylogger or viruses from the internet and steal you important or private information that can be misused.

How To Fight/Remove Adware

  • The best way to protect your computer from adwares is to always run a firewall. A firewall will automatically block suspicious incoming and outgoing connections and would not allow the adwares to install keyloggers and other spying softwares. 
  • It is very difficult to detect and uninstall adwares manually and there are very good free adware removal tools available. Some of the best are listed below
    1. AdAware
    2. SpyBot Search and Destroy
      I recommend you to run any of these softwares in conjunction with your antivirus for extra protection.

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