FN SECURE: Create a Google+ Fan Page - Latest feature on G+

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Create a Google+ Fan Page - Latest feature on G+

Google plus added a new feature named Google plus Fan page or Follower page. It is as same as Facebook Fan Page, the only difference lies in +1 and
like . In Facebook we have to like the page but in Google+ we have to +1 the page and also to follow it. The follow link is given in the top right corner while the +1 link is given under the display picture of Google page. It is a good way to drive your traffic from Google+ to Your site or blog .So let's see how to create it .

Steps to Create a Google+ Page

  • First of all go to Google Plus Pages.
  • Choose Local Product or Brand as your category.You may choose any other according to your need.

  • Now fill all the details as shown above e.g. page name and site link etc.
  • Tick the Agree box to accept the terms and now click on CREATE button.
  • You have successfully created a Google+ page for your website.
  • Now invite your friends to follow it.
  • Now give keywords to describe your page and also upload the blog logo.
  • Now start posting on your page and also inform others to follow it.

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