FN SECURE: Discovered the biggest Facebook phishing in French

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Discovered the biggest Facebook phishing in French

Two Days before we publish that [Read This], Geeks at Security Web-Center Found 25 Facebook phishing sites. Security Web-Center found another biggest Facebook phishing site in French which steal more then 5000 usernames and passwords, using the fake domain www.frfacebook.fr to scam the victims. All phished passwords are stored here
Security Web-Center suggests that potential victims:
  • Change all exposed passwords;
  • Contact the company or organization that was being spoofed (Facebook, in this case);
  • Alert it that your personal information was exposed;
  • Ask it to cancel any accounts affected (Note: We don’t recommend this for Facebook, obviously, but view it more as a general tip); and
  • If the information provided can be used to access other institutions, such as credit-card companies, contact them, as well.

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