FN SECURE: HackPack : "AK-47" A Hackers Toolkit

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HackPack : "AK-47" A Hackers Toolkit

Hi, all I am here to share with u a Tools Collection CodeNamed "AK-47" V1.0 Beta

Its NFN Version. Bcoz it dosen't have Tutorials For Using Tools.

I need ur Comments/Suggections for making it much better next time.
If u want to add Tools/Tutorials/ and any thing related to hacking
upload it somewhere and just send me a link on my email id
Note:Tools are 99.9% clean but scan before use.
antivirus can detect shells as trojan or something else but dont worry they are just text files

(NFN-:Not for Noobs)  lol_hitting....Smiley

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