FN SECURE: A$50 Phone Uses a AA Battery That Can Hold Its Charge for 15 Years

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A$50 Phone Uses a AA Battery That Can Hold Its Charge for 15 Years

Image: SpareOne
SpareOne’s got your back in an emergency.
It often happens that when you’re in a bind, your phone is low on battery.
SpareOne is a phone that’s prepared for anything. Manufacturer XPAL Power announced on the CES eve — for techies, this is their Christmas — that the phone takes a single AA battery that can last 15 years.
Image: SpareOne
It’s not the fanciest phone on the market, but SpareOne markets itself as the most reliable. XPAL Power, SpareOne’s manufacturer, says the Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 battery can provide 10 hours of talk time and has a shelf life of 15 years. Other AA batteries work as well, but the claims are specific to that Energizer model.
“It can be left in a car for emergencies, used by hotels who want to pre-program concierge numbers for guests, passed to your children or parents to maintain an open line of communication – it’s essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what,” said Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne project director, in a statement.
Image: SpareOne
With a SIM card slot, it’s also handy for international travel. But as Time points out, there’s no need to pay for a plain since 911 calls are always free. The SpareOne will go on sale for $50 in the first quarter.

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