FN SECURE: Rinlogger : Best and Easiest Keylogger

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Rinlogger : Best and Easiest Keylogger

Follow the steps in order to hack victim mentioned below using rinlogger :

1. Free download RinLogger.
2. Extract the rar file.
3. Run the application.
4. Hit on Create New.

2. Field the entries accordingly :
    Email Address : email-id where you want to receive all the logs.
    Account Password : Password of your email-account entered above.
    Keylogger Recipients : Enter your email and hit on add and then hit on Next.

3. Enable attach screenshots if you want to receive those.
    Enable if you want to colourise keylogs.
    Enter Time duration between 2 mails.
    Verify Now. =>"A connection was able to establish properly!" and you will receive a mail about verified SMTP server test. Click ok on the newly appeared dialogue box and then Next.

4. Now Enable the Install Keylogger.
    Set installation Path as Startup.
    Put a file name as per your convenience (say rin).
    Click on Next.

5. Enable downloader if you want otherwise press Next.

6. Dialog Setup is an optional box. Just fill the fields if you want or skip them and hit Next.

7. Enable Website Viewer and hit Next.

8. File Binder, again an optional feature. You may enable it to embed multiple files into the keylogger. Enable it and add the files which you want to place with keylogger in File Binder Setup. Then hit '+'. I added only 1 file named key.txt. You can add more than 1 file. Now click on Next.

9. Password Stealers : Enable all the fields here and press Next.

10. Skip Administrative Tasks and hit Next.

11. File Properties Setup : Hit on '?' to generate random product information. Hit Next.

12. Save the file where you want to put it. Compile it. Hit Next.

13. You are done. Now send this file to the victim. When the victim will run the file the keylogger will be installed on his/her system silently in background. Now you will receive the logs of the victim on the email-id provided earlier.

14. Enjoy!!!

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