FN SECURE: How to upload PHP SHELL (script) on Wordpress Sites

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How to upload PHP SHELL (script) on Wordpress Sites

Have You ever wondered how you can access to  some of your website browsers / visitors web data.

You can gain access your admin panel of wordpress website via symlink. In this tutorial I will be telling you how to upload your shell after gaining the admin access.

1. Login into the wordpress admin panel. 
goto  http://www.site.com/wp-admin/ or  http://www.site.com/wp-login/

2. Now on the left hand side look for the option Appearance.

3. Click on Appreance after that you will get a option "Editior" click on that after clicking on Appearance.

4. After clicking on "Editior" under Appearance you will get the following screen with the source code of the theme. Now see Right slider bar and click on any option like 404.php or comments.php

5. Replace the source codes with the code of your shell and click on upload, you will then be able to get your shell uploaded here

Hope You have now understood this concept, if not, you can post in comments, which will be adressed and solved by us as earlier as possible.

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